Bord de Mer

                                                            Bord de Mer 

Two fresh water pearls, 

by way of crystals 

signal me to remain unsaid, 

and invite me to look 

at the landscapes of the sea. 

Within them are painted 

myriads of star-shaped rubies 

where I am not afraid 

to lose myself. 

In these blond dreams 

that serve me as pillows, 

I deploy balms of oblivion, 

and look at you, unreal, 

in a world of colors and sounds. 

If only for the time of a breath, 

I would like to join algal blooms 

laid down each morning by the wind 

on my glassed-in pupils. 

There, twilight struggling with lightnings 

fires up joyful cats and dogs, 

like wild plants parched of thirst 

in the Sahara desert. 

There, pink dawn 

looms up in nightly ripples. 

What can I say to the rain 

that surprises our naked shoulders? 

Salt houses and sand caravans 

show up on our windowsills, 

and expose themselves. 

We only need to half-open our skylights 

to perceive drips of rain part 

and brush against the Luke-warm water 

dying with each tides 

on the threshold of our doors.

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Beauty Is In The Street

A novel by Hubie Scemama

It is May 1968. The squats are full, the borders are teeming with emigres and the streets of Paris are in flames. In this tale of love and revolution, a group of young drifters battles the chaos of their era, finding the world torn asunder, while the barricades of student uprisings fill the boulevards. When Karim, a Tunisian émigré falls in love with Genevieve, a widow and single mother from the French middle class, their romance collides with the prejudices of the establishment and their own cultural differences. Torn between her lover and her son, Genevieve is confronted with questions of loyalty, while Karim faces fears of deportation. Will their love prevail over these challenges? As the turmoil across Paris intensifies, the young rebels discover that the answer lies in the street.


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