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Checked your website and liked it very much. By the way, is your e-mail hubiwine or hubiewine? Would love to have you play for my birthday. Thanks.
Emotions in motion create commotions in my brain and won't let me sleep at night and the buzz keeps on going after I've listened to your groovy multicolor sounds coming from everywhere and going I don't know where. God bless.
Quiet storm I heard while the music was on, surprising, could not figure what would come next, I tried, but lost it all but discovered something that is not true, do opposite atrract? When? Where? I am quite sure. But I guess I want to hear some more. Do not add more stress to your life. You got plenty of it and it shows. Thank you for your care.
Hubie darling, where have you been? So good to hear from you!! How is your CD? Are you through with it? I want to hear those haunting sounds again. Please call and tell me whatever!! see you, sweetie...
Hi, Hubie. Thanks for last night for the birtday party. You did a great job. I love those vibes. I'll call you again when I have another gig.
Hi, bro. Yeah, The Indian food was great especially the nam bread with garlic and the spinach. I loved it. I'm glad we met. I want to talk to you about those tablas and the vibraphone. we're going back to New York tomorrow. Thank you for coming to see us at the Roxy. We'll be back next week and come and see you play the flute at the cinema-bar. Peace, bro. Alex.
Hi, Hubie. I was so happy when you called. How is booboo? I heard he ran away, but I'm glad you got it back. Yeah, I know, you get attached to those puppies. He is a cute one and so friendly. I heard you play with the carribean breeze the other day in the Ocean house, well, here is another talent I did not know you had, rapping, singing and making a new tune out of an old one. I was impressed. Thank you for the music and call again. Love. Susan.
Hi, Hubie. Listened to you at Molly Malone the other night with that girl with a sweet voice. Your flute made me fly through the sky and your tablas made my heart sing. I hope to hear you again. I was told that you were playing in a bar and grill somewhere in Santa Monica this week end. Please give me a buzz. Thanks. Love. Gail
Hi, Hubie. Good to hear from you. Yes! I will come and see you play tonight at Molly Malone. Keep on rocking and playing your flute. You've got to live for your passion! Love Blanca
My dear hubie, I am in town for a few days. I heard about the july article on Music Connection and I read it. I understand that you're playing at Molly Malone on the 23rd of August. I'll do my best to be there. C y soon. Bye
Yo, bra, heard you the other day at BB King house of blues. Could not see u afterwards, I had to go and pick up my muchacha. But I'll come 'N c y at the airliners. Peace, brother.
Hi, side effect. Love your tunes and the groove. Write more. I'll be listening. Good luck.
Hi, Hubie. Thanks for letting me check your website. Man! out of sight. It's time to let your dream take over and go for your thing! I'm still in England, but I'll be in town soon. Hope to connect with you if you're available. Ciao, dude, and peace!
Salut, mon ami. Comment vas-tu? Oui, j'etais a San Francisco, un gig avec un quartet. Mais je suis de retour et j'ai pense qu'on pourrait peut'etre se rencontrer et jouer un peu. Qu'en penses-tu? A propos, j'ai rencontre Karim, la bas. Il m'a dit de te passer le bonjour.Allez, au revoir et a bientot.
Hi, amigo. I'm glad we met. The timbales and your vibes were clicking. Aiiiiiii. Let's do it again. I'll call you soon and bring more companieros. Let's have a real fiesta with cumbia, merengue and punta, not puta...Just kidding, la cinguada, puta madre!
Hi, hubie. Long time no see. Ran into your website by accident. I was browsing through hostbaby and there you were! My God! What a trip! I guess I hit the jack pot, pot, pot! Hey! I love it, man. Play some more, Sam and tell me where you are. Don't evaporate!!!
My goodness, hubie. I found you again. What's going, man? You are all over the place! So, when are we going to get together and go to this art and craft show I told you about? I guess I'll have to be patient and let you practice your goddamn music (Just kiddin') hang n there, man. Your just doing fine. So, when and where is the next concert? I want to bring my blonde sister over. She is as cute as those russian dolls you can see on the website I told you about. See you soon, my friend.
It's so rare nowaday to hear a vibraphone except on the jazz stations, Klon or Kkgo, but they keep on repeating the same thing. We need to freshen up, dude, maybe add some African touch to your playing or go hindou or Latin or whatever. The more diversity, the better. Let's keep in touch and try to follow through my suggestions. Hear you soon...
Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing those loud aggressive sounds on my radio that people call music. Finally I found a niche where harmony blends with grace and where melody is queen. Thank you, Hubie...
Yeah, man! That's the way to go. There's magic in those vibes!
I really love your music. There is so much diversity. Hang in there, Dude and good luck!
Patricia says that she hopes you are doing well and keep playing music. Best regards from Patricia. Rachel says, "Hi and stay in contact and keep playing!"
hi hubie ... good stuff ...